Research is our passion!

The aim of this is to promote and research on Data Mining projects that allows us to produce more valuable information to people of different areas of interest. The members of the group work in fields so varied as ontologies, computer science or engineering software. Such fields are put together in order to obtain the most of the data mining technology.


Data Mining

Data Mining allows us to extract knowledge from withing databases. Advance inference techniques are put to work in order to achieve our goal, which is the generation of knowledge to support research.

Big Data

Big Data focuses on techniques and standars to manage enourmous amounts of information. Such quantities of information makes it difficult to handle by standard techniques


Ontologies gives meaning to information. By adding this, we can implement automatic reasoning in order to process information and infer knowledge from it.

Software Engineering

Software engineering involves methodologies in order to achieve the most effcient and effective development software process.

HPP High Performance Processing

High performance processing involves the paralelization of sequential algorithms in order to obtain results faster.

Scientific Computing

Scientific computing is the set of technologies that help us understand how our world function.

Collaborates with the following institutions


CUDA Teaching Center

University of Guadalajara is one of the CUDA teaching centers located in México.

Course of Parallel Programming

This course is being taught at the University of Guadalajara. To see the agenda of the course click here and the practices manual of CUDA language click here.

Dolphines Program 2014

This aim of this program is to promote researching among gradute students from universities inside Mexico.

Writing of a book on IT topics

Actually, a book for popular science is being written. It will contain topics on IT.